2003-2004: Kindo failed running an own art gallery in Nordhemsgatan, Göteborg. Lack of experience. But fun and good experience. First thing after gymnasiet. 

2007-2011: Artist smithery school. Träakademien, Sveriges hantverksråd.

2006-2016: Part time work on projects planning, gardening, metal work and supervision for construction of public buildings. My best school ever.

2010-2012: Antiquarian restoration on Statens fastighetsverks Nya Älvsborgs fästning and Carlstens fästning. Historic smithery. Production and cunsulting, via contractor. Also on Kareby kyrka with Martti Risku (master blacksmith).

2012-now Full time sculptural work and design for public and private places.

2017 Jessica van Doorn Fännick started co-working on art projects.

Why public space?

I don't know if it was my upbringing in "miljonprogramsområde" or my frequent stays on children's hospitals as a kid that made me fascinated by public art, but it was in my early years. As long as I can remember I've been able to feel all kinds of physical sensations from watching art. From a physical need to puke to a sense of not getting enough, that my eyes are to small to take in the beauty.

My motto is Sustainable. Not just in ecology, in material and techniques of choice or quality, byt in theory. The art work must work for all people who passes it and in all time that files by, without feeling out of place or outdated. After all it's art for all people in all times, regardless age, background or interests.




”Natural Geotraffic”, 2017, Örebro kommun.

”Sågelskådning”, 2017, Öbo, Örebro kommun.

”Vita fälgen - en homage till Värmland”, 2017, Karlstad central hospital.

"Flytande värde", 2016, Nya operationshuset in Karlstad central hospital. Commissioned by Landstinget i Värmland.

"Krillmästare", 2015, Stenungsunds arena (central square in sports centre). Commissioned by Stenumgsunds kommun. 

"Mlada žirafa", 2014, Eco-centre, Zoo, city of Mlada Boleslav, Czechia. Commissioned by the city of Mlada Boleslav.

"Mekoxe", 2012-2015, Kartåsens återvinningscentral, Lidköping. Bought by Lidköpings kommun.

"Fisk i sitt rätta element", 2012, Spekeröds skola, placed by Stenungsunds kommun.

"Vass", 2014, Kingdom Hall, Hisingen. Commissioned by RBC.

Sculpture without title, 2013, Kingdom Hall, Västra Frölunda. Commissioned by RBC

"Uppståndelsen", 2011, S:t Sigfrids griftegård. Commissioned by Svenska Kyrkan for a none religious burial site. Permanent exhibition.





Solo exhibitions:

4 June 2013 to 6 January 2014, "Skrota alla djur" in Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet (National museum of natural science) in Stockholm.

11 January to 23 March 2014, "Skrota alla djur" in Länsstyrelsen Naturum Fjärås Bräcka.

9 September to 9 November 2014, "Skrota alla djur" in Länsstyrelsen Naturum Tyresta Nationalpark.

29 January to 29 March 2015, "Skrota alla djur" in Vänermuseet in Lidköping.

7 March to 21 March 2015, "Djur" in Stenungsunds konsthall, Galleri Koch.

1 to 30 May 2015 "Skrota alla djur" in Länsstyrelsen Naturum Hornborgasjön

12 to 29 January 2016 Traktörens konsthall Stadsbyggnadskontorets Konstförening 

4 October to mid December 2017, Kristianstad kommun, Naturum Vattenriket. 

3-17 June, Lysekils konsthall, "Djur du inte visste fanns"

September 22 to October 22 2017, Konsthall Spisrummet, Landstinget i Värmland. “Stulna intryck”.


Group exhibitions, selection:

2008, Degree exhibition, Artistic smithery, Kramfors konsthall.

May to October 2010, Borås Museum, "Grinden".

9 to 17 July 2011, Kajskjul 207, "Sommarsalong".

24 February to 2 March 2013, Glasbruksmuseet in Surte.

9 to 14 July 2014, participating in "Metalovy sympozium", Mlada Boleslav, Czechia.

11 to 18 October 2014, Göteborgs stadsbibliotek, Göteborg.

28 June 2014 to 6 January 2015, "Steampunk", Sveriges Järnvägsmuseum.

16 May to 9 August 2015, Stora Bryne konstpark, by Lidköpings kommun, Lidköpings konsthall and Västra Götalandsregionen. 

18 to 23 August 2015, Stenhuset in Surahammar, "Insects". 

24 May to 16 August 2015, "Sommarsalong", Replsagarmuseet in Älvängen.

18 June to 10 September, OpenART in Örebro. 



TV, radio, books, magazines

Swedish radio Örebro, on openArt works. 

Swedish radio, SR P4 Kristianstad, on solo exhibition in Naturum Vattenriket. 2 November 2016.

Hephaistos, Year book "Metall design international 2014, on the ten best metal designers/artist in the world 2014.

Swedish radio. SR P4 Stockholm on the solo exhibition in Stockholm 2013-2015. 4 June 2013.

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